What Is A Plantar Wart – Get Rid Of Plantar Warts

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What Is A Plantar Wart – Get Rid Of Plantar Warts

Foot Warts also know as Plantar warts or Verruca Plantaris
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Warts are localized thickening of the skin on the outer layer of the skin (epidermis). They can appear on any part of your body and specifically on the sole of your foot. These kinds of warts are usually referred to as foot or plantar warts. The medical term is ‘Verruca Plantaris’ or just ‘verruca.’

It can sometimes be painful because of the consistent weight exerted on them while standing or walking. It is especially true of weight-bearing areas under the foot. Because of this constant weight, it may cause it to grow back inside the foot.

Sometimes warts may be mistaken for corns. Corns appear due to high pressure on the feet. Therefore they are found in weight-bearing areas such as under the metatarsal bones or toes. Warts can appear almost on any area of the foot. Corns are mostly seen in adults whereas warts are most common in young children and children of school age.


What Causes Plantar Warts?

A virus known as “Human Papilloma Virus” or HPV is the cause of foot warts. This virus is also accountable for other types of warts. There are multiple strains of this virus. Plantar warts are ordinarily due to only a few of these strains. The infection makes the skin over-grow and thicken, which is the start of non-cancerous skin growth of the wart.


Can Plantar Warts Spread?

Wet bare feetIt is a somewhat contagious virus, and it is possible to get foot warts from someone else who already has the infection. They can be caught on contact with infected skin scales usually from floor surfaces such as locker rooms or public shower cubicles from other individuals carrying this virus.

The Human Papilloma Virus best persists in wet and warm environments. Bathrooms and swimming pool are ideal areas that this virus will easily inhabit. The virus enters from small cuts or scratches on the skin surface. Moist skin and macerations on the skin on the soles of feet make infection of the virus much more likely. If possible take proper precaution and avoid walking barefooted in areas such as those described above and other related barefoot activities.


What Do Plantar Warts Look Like?

They are about 1cm in diameter, paler than the surrounding skin and typically have tiny black dots at its center. The tiny dots at the center are in fact blood vessels grow up into the wart. Warts on the ‘plantar’ surface of your feet tend to group into clusters. Since they are on the sole of a foot and most of your body weight is exerted warts become flattened.

There are little or no symptoms of plantar warts. Some plantar warts can be uncomfortable especially if they appear on weight-bearing areas on the feet. Any plantar wart that appears in these areas tends to cause some warts to grow inwards making them tender and painful.


Can plantar warts on my feet be cured?

Feet cleared of wartsPlantar warts are not hereditary, and it is not understood why some people develop these warts while others do not. If you have identified that you have one on your foot, it is possible that it may spread. Try not to scratch it and then touch another part of your body. Also, try not scratching it with your other foot as it can also increase the chance of getting a wart on your other foot.

In some cases, if the foot wart is causing no pain, it is suggested to leave it until a natural resolution occurs. In some cases, they will eventually regress. The main advantage is that the individuals own immunity will possibly adapt and may decrease the risk of further infection, although there is little evidence to substantiate this. Doing “nothing” method is said to work about 30{5132678077a5f4f216a9bbe4bb0b6c091ca4aa7adc282dcaba345669159dfe8d} of the time and expected to take two years or more to resolve itself.


How Can I Get Rid Of Plantar Warts?

There are various types of foot wart treatments which can help treat this type of wart. Many include over the counter wart removal remedies, surgical wart removal treatment or home treatments.

  • Wear comfortable shoes. Do not share your socks or shoes with anyone else.
  • Individual pads to relieve pressure can be available from a pharmacy
  • Do not go barefooted in public places
  • Cover plantar warts with waterproof plasters
  • Dispose of any skin filling hygienically and do not use emery board or hard skin removal tools anywhere else as this can spread the infection

Do seek professional treatment from a specialist such as a Podiatrist or speak to your Doctor for more information.

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