Flat Wart Treatments – 3 Main Methods Of Removal

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Flat Wart Treatments – 3 Main Methods Of Removal

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Flat warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus can be transmitted directly from person-to-person by close physical contact. Sometimes these warts can disappear over a period of months or years.

Warts are very common with almost everyone having at least one in their lifetime. 1 in 3 children and young people have them at any one time in their lives. They are not harmful, but occasionally can be sore, mainly if they are in a pressure area on the the sole of your foot.

Warts, in general, can be perceived as unsightly and may be cosmetically and socially be embarrassing if they occur in exposed areas of skin. Affected individuals can spread HPV to other individuals or themselves to other parts of your body. However, here are 3 main different treatment options available.


Flat Wart Removal Treatments

There are mainly three flat wart removal techniques that may help you remove any flat warts:

  • Over the counter wart removal medicines
  • Professional help or Surgical treatment
  • Home treatments and alternative therapies for wart removal

There are many sorts of over the counter medicines that can help treat your flat warts. They came in many applications such as lotions or creams while some come as patches or as a drug.


Salicylic Acid Paints, Lotions, And Plasters

Other sorts of medications can be acidic and may also damage your skin and make it look unhealthy. Products such as these work by softening and dissolving skin cells on the out layer of the wart. General products come in different strengths and can be purchased over the counter at a pharmacy.

Salicylic plasters work by applying a plaster to the wart and overnight. The plaster is discarded in the morning. Usually, this is repeated for Three consecutive nights. Eventually, after the third night, you should be able to shed plenty of dead skin on the surface of the wart. Using this method you may need to apply a heel balm, or another preparation cream containing urea, and repeat with salicylic acid plasters for three nights weekly as above.

It is import to follow instructions of any product on the packet on how to apply and use them. Over the counter medications can take several weeks or many months to see any improvement and it usually involves a lot of dedication from you.


Professional Help And Guidance For Wart Removal

If you have not had much success using over the counter medications, then consider professional help from your doctor or physician. For many, this ordinarily happens after recurring setbacks from applying over the counter wart removal treatments. They may prescribe strong drugs which could help you to eradicate any flat warts you have.

Surgery is another option to remove flat warts. There are three types of surgery that are performed:


Cryosurgery wart removal

Procedures such as Cryotherapy use an implement to freeze your flat warts using liquid nitrogen. It often takes multiple recurring treatments, about a fortnight apart, and is usually painful. Cure rates are not always any better than salicylic acid, and there is an increased risk of permanent white marks remaining on the treated skin area. With this in mind, there is potential damage caused to underlying structures. Therefore, it not suitable for some areas of the body. Cryosurgery is used to treat many types of warts as well. Treating warts is now even transpiring into other more severe treatments for some cancers.

Freezing sprays can also be purchased from pharmacies. These are probably less effective than liquid professional nitrogen treatment.


Electrosurgery Wart Removal

The use of heat produced by an electric current to kill your warts. This procedure is not complicated and uses equipment found in most dermatologic offices and clinics. It does not hinder or cause discomfort to the patient and produces virtually no scar tissue only if proper technic is employed.


Laser Wart Removal

Lasers can be used to eliminate your flat warts. There may be some discomfort during and post-treatment. Laser treatment, for the most part, is noncontact. A laser basically coagulates small blood vessels within a wart to dry out it capillaries without affecting the outer layer skin. A wart a will change color from pink/red to a light grey as parts of the warts of burned resulting in a carbonized surface. After laser treatment, the burned tissue will separate from the surrounding healthy tissue underneath and fall off. More than one treatment may be necessary 3-4 weeks apart. Post-treatment gels, ointments may need applying to help ease any discomfort



The treatment methods above can sometimes have a successful outcome, but not always when treating your flat warts. You should always consult your circumstances with your physician who will be able to discuss and recommend treatment.

Some people have found alternative and home treatments for warts just as effective. For these methods have been used for treating different types of warts and some of these methods are an efficient flat wart cure.

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